Royal Pains

A bunch of people have been raving about the new USA show Royal Pains, so I started watching. Top reasons why you should start too: gold bars, open ended plot structure, pleasing supporting cast, and a Mark Feuerstein who looks like the lovechild of everyone (see above).

Why Would Anyone Want to Work for Diddy?

Editors Note: A sure sign of a slow blogging day – one post covering MTV/VH1 and/or P. Diddy

P. Diddy I want to work for him

So one of VH1’s upcoming hot new shows is “I Want to Work for Diddy“. While watching the long trailer during a commercial break, I realized that I will never watch TV again. After those few minutes of anger, laughter, rage, and sobbing, I vaguely remember a contestant saying that having Diddy on their resume was a golden ticket. Diddy also proclaimed that working as his assistant is the best training available to become a future CEO. Considering the public humiliation, the odds of actually winning, and the fact that Diddy has no idea what a CEO is, I am more than content with a college degree and some extracurriculars on my resume. I could rant in more detail, but I’m pretty sure Diddy (with the support of MTV) will give me something to write about in the future.