Cool Cuil

Cuil Homepage

Cuil is a new search engine launched last night by a superstar team of ex-Google employees. The search engine is speculated to be a “Google-killer” with claims that it provides a larger index than Google and better search results with some related-words technology. The site also has an interesting interface and issues with uptime.

My opinion? I hate it. A search for “Jason Chou” produces horrible results. “Misterchou” produces no matches. Google is much more me friendly.

Laughing at Facebook

Facebook ads are generating a laughable 7.5-cent CPM. The recent Facebook Developer Conference avoided discussing the impact that this has on both Facebook’s future as well as the future for application developers who are now expected to play nice and fight for Facebook’s good graces to really scrape up that golden pot of 7.5-cents.

The good news? Facebook Connect looks promising and can’t be as evil as Beacon. Microsoft is now running Facebook search and seems to be on the cusp of some interesting search technology dubbed BrowseRank.