Johnson County Librarians Know What’s Up

johnson county library courier trucks in shawnee mission, kansas

Libraries aren’t known for big advertising campaigns, but the Johnson County Library in Shawnee Mission, KS has released four specially painted, literary-themed courier trucks to promote its services and resources. The four traveling billboards represent the fictional businesses: Captain Ahab’s Fine Seafood, Benjamin Button’s Diaper Service, Kafka’s Pest Kontrol, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Pharmacy. Real cute.

Laughing at Facebook

Facebook ads are generating a laughable 7.5-cent CPM. The recent Facebook Developer Conference avoided discussing the impact that this has on both Facebook’s future as well as the future for application developers who are now expected to play nice and fight for Facebook’s good graces to really scrape up that golden pot of 7.5-cents.

The good news? Facebook Connect looks promising and can’t be as evil as Beacon. Microsoft is now running Facebook search and seems to be on the cusp of some interesting search technology dubbed BrowseRank.