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Awesome Chameleons

Smart but $15?!?!

Ira Glass talks about taste and deconstructs his old work. Watch his face when he listens to himself.

This lady is awesome

or thissssssss
Renee Zellweger’s house is for sale. Thanks.

“Let them lose their teeth early rather than late.” – Metta World Peace

Filmography 2010

Sent to me by an aspiring screenwriter friend. Watch it. It’s nuts good. And then check out the interview with the creator, Gen Ip (awesome name).

Roger Federer: Love Fifteen

Epic people celebrating an epic man in a sweet video. To send an insignificant-by-comparison message to Roger, visit Nike Tennis. Wish this video was brought to my attention before the last post. Also wish I came up with the phrase ‘Love Fifteen’.

Stop Motion Printing

Great stop motion video by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth in response to HP’s brief: “Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.” The video ended up winning second place at D&AD’s Student Awards Annual.

We’re Famous!

Feel the LOVE in Philadelphia.

Cadbury: Gorillas to Eyebrows

Ignore those Super Bowl ads at least until I inevitably blog about some of them (Cash4Gold anyone?). I want to talk about Cadbury. I don’t know who’s behind this brilliance, but their Glass and a Half Full Productions have been amazing. After the sublime Phil Collins gorilla ad, Cadbury is proving to be one sexy candy company.

Oh Starbucks, I’m So In

Is it me or are there more and more companies implementing these transparently virtuous campaigns? Are people dumb enough to let these ads actually affect their lifestyles? Will people believe that Starbucks is an awesome and ethical company that is forgoing actual revenues to do good? Can people see through these campaigns, and will they be offended by the assumptions that marketer’s make of consumers? Yes, yes, and no.