Love Letters to Philadelphia

Ex-graffiti artist Steve Powers is returning to Philadelphia to work on “Love Letter“, a 20-block mural project that is being installed with the help of local youth who are being taught sign design and mechanics by Steve. The piece was conceived as a “love letter spanning 50 walls and roof tops to be painted in West Philadelphia facing the Market-Frankford Elevated train. The letter is meant for one with meaning for all, and in a larger sense, will be for West Philly from West Philly.”

Even cooler, the project is a collaboration with the Mural Arts Program which is one of the largest civic art initiatives in the nation. The program has produced over 2,800 murals and educated over 20,000 underserved youth in Philadelphia. The founding executive director, Jane Golden, is a lecturer at Penn, and students of her class get to work on an actual mural in the city which is awesome except that the registrar hates me and I have failed twice already to get into the class.

School Begins Again

Above is the message I received upon entering my new room/home for the year.

As is the case for most of you, school has either started or is starting soon. For me, school starts today…

We’ll see how this blog fares, but hopefully I can maintain it while things start to kick up.

End of School and Beginning of Milan

School is out already.
Everything has gone by too fast and I haven’t posted about the things I’ve been doing. Some highlights in the past 3 months: New Orleans, PennSix show, PennSix on the radio, and some others. I’ll try to track back and write about them, but for now, I am currently in Milan for Wharton International Programs for the next 10 days. I’ll put up some posts and pictures during these next few days. So stay tuned…


This post is a couple weeks late, but I feel it is necessary being that I’m a silly Californian. It snows here. And it’s wonderful. But it’s cold. But not as cold as Northwestern and especially not as cold as Williams Community College.

Snowball Fight in the Quad
Snowball fight in the Quad

The Quad
Peaceful side of the Quad

Uni Management Club
Locust Walk. The school hung up those snowflake light things.

Our LOVE sign

Stay tuned for the following post is going to be redunkulous. (once I finish preparing the photos)

college recap: part VII

This will be the last addition to the college recaps. From here on out, updates will be a little more recent. So last semester was one crazy ride in Management 100. The course centered around a team of ten working on one making one super-fab service project happen before the semester is over. My team, the Kohesive Kohalition, was in charge of throwing a hip hop party (perhaps the coolest project choice) to benefit University City High School (UNI).

The Kohalition looking slick after our client presentations. Counterclockwise from bottom left: Zack, Lisa, Chris, Atthena (our TA), Jeewon, Liz (our client’s community relations person), Amanuel, Sean (our client), Alex, me, Melanie, Lee.

Here’s a little bit about our team.
Zack – “What the Peter Drucker!! Get out of my office!”

Lisa – “I love this team!! i hate myself…”

Chris – Chris is actually insane. Stay away from her. she pinches.

Atthena – Sweetest TA of all.

Jeewon – Pledging + Mgmt = almost died.

Amanuel – Black.

Alex – Randomist kid ever. Maybe because he’s always high.

Melanie – Future beat-boxer of America or Cayman.

Lee – Mask and Wig Krunker

University City High School

Front of UNI.

Uni Management Club

We started a Marketing Club at UNI to help promote the event. Here are them kids. Luckily I wore some Bape that day.

Kohmotion Flyer

Our event flyer. This was my baby.

So throughout the 2-3 month period our team basically went nuts. We had snack-selling fundraisers, tshirt fundraisers, raffle fundraisers, corporate sponsors, food donations, venue sponsorship, flyers, handouts, printed tickets, decorations, 12+ performers, 3 DJs, team shirts, crazy nights, lots of stories, zack yang, and much more. The event went off really well, a lot of people showed up, we raised around $1000, the performances were really well done, and people had a good time. Even the principal at UNI showed up and broke it down (sort of).

Performer List

The back of our handout flyers with a list of all our performers.

Krew Sponsors

The Kohalition posing with our many sponsors. Counterclockwise from bottom left: Big Red, AMan, MC Tag, Yi Yi, El Quest, A Bad, G1, jSUN, Daddy Yanks (not pictured: Z-Dawg)

The Krew Looking Dope

Pimpin our Krew shirts after the event.

So much thanks to the Kohalition for an eventful, crazed, mad, enraged, funnyfull first semester. This sadly is the end of the first semester recap. A semester that was dazzling and much insane.

Photos of winter break in Catalina Island and such to come. Peace out from THE KREW.

college recap: part VI

Here we go. Last two recaps.

During the first few weeks of school, Penn’s 40 million a cappella groups had tryouts. Being a lover of singing and being a big loser, I tried out for 30 million. I managed to get callbacks to all 30 million, including Penn Masala, an all-indian group. (I also made callbacks for Penn Dhamaka, an all-indian male dancing group. Nice.) Finally after a painful two weeks, I received work that I made it into Chord on Blues, Counterparts, Off the Beat, and Pennsylvania-Six 5000. Of course, coming from a billion years of choir and of listening to college acappella, I flipped out about getting into Off the Beat and knew that was it for sure. However, after spending a week with both Penn-Six and Off the Beat, I realized how different things were from what I expected. I found myself enjoying my time at Penn-Six more and that Off the Beat, although dope, was not exactly what I wanted. So PennSix it is.

Last semester, we had our fall show which brought in about 700 people. We also had our 25th anniversary and 70+ alums actually returned for the festivities. It was pretty amazing to see all these people and actually hear them sing the songs that we listen to on old albums and meet the people behind the voices.

We had multiple gigs throughout the semester, and we went on a roadtrip to New York and Boston to sing for some rich Penn alum’s birthday.


With the birthday boy. From left to right: guy not in Penn-Six, Lix, Brock (me), Grubbs, Lechter, old man, Stan, Chex/Ward, Cletus, Lingus (on bended knee), Jiggy, Tiger Woods (Nigel).

Please note:

40 million = 12ish

30 million = 7

a billion = 11

700 = 700+

70+ = 70-

Penn-Six = worst group ever

college recap: part V

Sometime last semester, some dungeon members ventured to some random city in New Jersey for the All-American Rejects’ Tornado Tour. Felt like we were the only college students there. Nick met some high school girls. And then internet stalked them the next day. Show was really good. Gym Class Heroes are really good.

The Group partly
some of the beauties who attended. in actuality, nick only attended the ride to and from the tweeter center because he’s just madly in love with his magical elixir.

Gym Class Heroes
gym class heroes – listen to them

The Starting Line
The Starting Line

All-American Rejects
All-American Rejects

amazingly hot

see the rest of the pictures HERE

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