End of School and Beginning of Milan

School is out already.
Everything has gone by too fast and I haven’t posted about the things I’ve been doing. Some highlights in the past 3 months: New Orleans, PennSix show, PennSix on the radio, and some others. I’ll try to track back and write about them, but for now, I am currently in Milan for Wharton International Programs for the next 10 days. I’ll put up some posts and pictures during these next few days. So stay tuned…


It’s been 15 years* since I last posted. So what’s changed? Well now that you’ve made it here, my new world wide home is now misterchou.com. Everything is brand spankin’ new: new blog, new photoblog, new photo gallery all at new easy to find and understand urls. And with these shiny new things come new expectations. Expect nice pretty photos (when I take them) in the photoblog, expect regular bulk photo uploads in the gallery, and expect more regular posts in this blog about my going-ons, cool/uncool things I find, thoughts, opinions, and hopefully conversations about any topics of interest.

So lets kick things off with a long overdue post about the trip I took to Catalina Island years ago.

after a short stay upon this behemoth…

we got to the island and stayed in this incredible place

mom kickin’ it and…

checking out the view

more pictures here
Summary: Everyone needs to go check this place out. One of the most laid-back and beautiful vacation spots I’ve ever visited.


*15 years = around a year

college recap: part V

Sometime last semester, some dungeon members ventured to some random city in New Jersey for the All-American Rejects’ Tornado Tour. Felt like we were the only college students there. Nick met some high school girls. And then internet stalked them the next day. Show was really good. Gym Class Heroes are really good.

The Group partly
some of the beauties who attended. in actuality, nick only attended the ride to and from the tweeter center because he’s just madly in love with his magical elixir.

Gym Class Heroes
gym class heroes – listen to them

The Starting Line
The Starting Line

All-American Rejects
All-American Rejects

amazingly hot

see the rest of the pictures HERE


ZeroOne : “A Global Festival of Art on the Edge & the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art”

Went to see the Digital Kakejiku exhibit which was a large dynamic projection on the San Jose city rotunda.

“It is the combination of sensory perception and subconscious awareness. The changing scenery of the sunset, the “space” between haiku lines, the “space” between sounds, and the “space” between times – none are tangible, but all are part of experiencing “the moment”. When experiencing D-K, the things that you see and feel all come from you. If they didn’t exist in you, you would not be able to perceive them in the first place.”

pretty artsy-fartsy stuff. all i saw were some colors on a building. i got to play around with some long exposure settings and my little tripod.

rest of the photos here



bay meadows

went to bay meadows to watch some horse racing. it was my mom’s idea so we paid to sit and watch two races. the track is a really somber place. just a bunch of old people and scary people and mad asian males. and then there was us: a random chinese family surrounded by people without money, pretending to have money, showing off newfound money. and we just went to watch the horses run around a little.

rest of the photos here



utah choir trip

i would have posted sooner, but i had a couple tests i needed to fail first..

on thursday we left for utah. to sing.

we were told that we would be on good morning america…but it turned out that we were going to be on utah news (“most watched utah morning news!” yesss good MORMING!!!) so we woke up pretty early and sang on these steps. hint: gary jin, back row second from the right

no comment
[edit] comment
[edit #2] i guess she’s pretty cool sometimes

gary is too tall for this chair

ski jump ramp at the olympic park

choulai bobseld team
jamie dreams about killing people…with objects like pens. and when he describes his dreams he says creepy things like “and they just won’t die so i keep going”

yea irene…and jiang lao shi..

and of course no trip is complete without one stop at a giant hole in the ground…

came back on sunday just in time to fail school in every way possible and dream about going to the bathroom many times and waking up to realize that i really actually had to pee…