A Trip to the Timesink: Part II

Whether or not it was a hit (it wasn’t), I thinking about making “A Trip to the Timesink” a weekly entry sharing some of the great things that the internet provides us.

The first item is a great website for wasting time that is especially enjoyable when with a group of friends. Sporcle is a site with a bunch of pretty difficult trivia games and credit for finding and sharing it with me goes to Rachel, a lovely individual. Think you can name all of the Pokemon? How about every Anne Rice novel? Do you even know who Anne Rice is? (I don’t)

Anderson Cooper
Another great timesink? Watch video clips of Anderson Cooper. you will not regret them.
If you do regret them, you are a horrible person. But to ensure your continued readership, how about some Ryan Leslie? Demetri Martin?

Don Corleone Godfather
GraphJam is a site inspired by the work by Jamphat. Created by the lolcats dudes, GraphJam is a compendium of user submitted graphs and charts that depict humorous pop-culture observations.