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Royal Pains

A bunch of people have been raving about the new USA show Royal Pains, so I started watching. Top reasons why you should start too: gold bars, open ended plot structure, pleasing supporting cast, and a Mark Feuerstein who looks like the lovechild of everyone (see above).

Nick Cannon to Host “America’s Got Talent”

Irony. That is all.

SNL Does Something Right: The Doogie Howser Orchestra with NPH

If this video has already been removed by NBC, you should probably read this blog more often and maybe even subscribe.

Who Approved this Cross-Promotional Nightmare?

Congratulations to
SoBe Life Water
Super Bowl
DreamWorks Animation: Monsters vs. Aliens
and Chuck (awesome show)
for making this marketer’s wet dream a reality.

I Hate Loving Momma’s Boys

Thank you horrible TV.

She didn’t even get a date??!?!

The Office DVD Bloopers

Let’s see how long these videos last.

The blooper reel from the The Office Season 4 DVD has been put on YouTube. Now you can save your $50 and buy me something nice.

click for more!

Greatest American Dog – Why CBS? Why?!?!?

Why does this show exist? Why does CBS fail? What is an “American” dog? Why do people watch this trash?