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Elizabeth Banks Loves Penn Six

In an interview about her upcoming movie Pitch Perfect, Elizabeth Banks had this to say about Penn’s greatest a cappella group (full disclosure: dld):

“The big group on our campus then was the Penn Six-5000 [Banks attended the University of Pennsylvania]. I went to one of their shows and I remember watching this guy sing “Rocket Man” better than Elton John, and thinking, This is the most amazing version of “Rocket Man” I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Some other celebrations of this terrific news.

And of course, the song she so lovingly refers to:

Filmography 2010

Sent to me by an aspiring screenwriter friend. Watch it. It’s nuts good. And then check out the interview with the creator, Gen Ip (awesome name).

La Blogotheque Take-Away Shows: Greatest Find in Recent Memory

La Blogotheque: Take-Away Shows

La Blogotheque is a french music blog. Don’t know much else about it because Google sucks at translating. The one part of the site that is offered in english, however, is the collection of video podcasts called the Take-Away Shows. Every week since 2006, the Take-Away Show producers have invited artists and bands to play in random public surroundings. The resulting product is spontaeous, beautiful, and awesome.

I haven’t been able to watch them all, but some of my favorites are the kooks, vampire weekend, and jason mraz (for the ladies). Finally, firstly, you must check out Priscilla Ahn because she is nuts good.

DJ MoCAP and the TRAKTOR controller

This is some ridiculous stuff. DJ MoCAP developed a camera-based DJ system that allows you to turn any high contrast surface into a mixer. Presenting, the controller for the TRAKTOR Scratch DJ System.

Guitar Prodigy

This kid is ridiculous.

11 years old. writes his own music. does some crazy “fingerstyle”(?) guitar playing. follow the link below to see more…


Listen/Watch: Naive New Beaters

Don’t remember how I came across this band, but this music video is awesome and I’m starting to really like the song.

Naive New Beaters – “Live Good”

I want to go to Croatia

Sea Organ is an architectural and experimental musical object located in Zadar, Croatia. Is a pipe organ that has a set of 35 musically tuned tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps played by the sea waves. The movement of the sea pushes air through, and depending on the size and force of the wave, it produces a somewhat random but harmonic sound. Designed by architect Nikola Basic in 2005, who recently received the European Prize for Urban Public Space for this project.

via the pompomist