Royal Pains

A bunch of people have been raving about the new USA show Royal Pains, so I started watching. Top reasons why you should start too: gold bars, open ended plot structure, pleasing supporting cast, and a Mark Feuerstein who looks like the lovechild of everyone (see above).

Grouchy Trenton

When I take the train to and from Princeton, I get a glimpse of the wonderful bridge above. “Trenton Makes the World Takes”. I don’t know what Trenton was thinking when that message was added in 1910, but nowadays, considering the quality of life that Trenton offers, this bridge just seems super bitter. Lighten up Trenton. The world just really doesn’t care about you.

Your Message Here

“Your Message Here” is a project put together by Something’s Hiding in Here through the Urban Outfitters’ Sansom Window Project. The project gives artists the chance to make a window installation for two months at the Urban Outfitters’ store in Philadelphia. “Your Message Here” is simply a sign that will display a new message daily chosen from user submissions to the website. So go to the site and leave a message if you’ve got something to say.

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