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Filmography 2010

Sent to me by an aspiring screenwriter friend. Watch it. It’s nuts good. And then check out the interview with the creator, Gen Ip (awesome name).

The Uniform Project

Sheena Matheiken has “pledged to wear one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion” (she has 7 identical dresses for each day of the week). The dress is personally designed to be worn in three ways and the outfits are completed with second-hand accessories. More than a statement on sustainability, The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India.

Roger Federer: GOAT

Sunday at Wimbledon produced some amazing numbers: 77 aces, 77 games, 30-game fifth set, 37 holds of serve, and at least 49 grand slam singles titles in attendance (Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, John McEnroe, Boris Becker).

After 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14, the world has witnessed the most astounding number: 15 grand slam single titles. Roger Federer is now without a doubt the best to have ever played the game.

And props to Andy Roddick for building a terrifying game around that serve. He is finally a player that I can imagine supporting, and this is officially Roddick’s second coming – just in time for Flushing Meadows.

Stop Motion Printing

Great stop motion video by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth in response to HP’s brief: “Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.” The video ended up winning second place at D&AD’s Student Awards Annual.

Picasso Draws with Light

Before bored japanese people and those pretty snazzy Sprint commercials, Pablo Picasso was inspired by LIFE magazine photographer Gjon Mili to make shit happen with a light and a camera.

See the full gallery here.

We’re Famous!

Feel the LOVE in Philadelphia.

La Blogotheque Take-Away Shows: Greatest Find in Recent Memory

La Blogotheque: Take-Away Shows

La Blogotheque is a french music blog. Don’t know much else about it because Google sucks at translating. The one part of the site that is offered in english, however, is the collection of video podcasts called the Take-Away Shows. Every week since 2006, the Take-Away Show producers have invited artists and bands to play in random public surroundings. The resulting product is spontaeous, beautiful, and awesome.

I haven’t been able to watch them all, but some of my favorites are the kooks, vampire weekend, and jason mraz (for the ladies). Finally, firstly, you must check out Priscilla Ahn because she is nuts good.