so long saratoga…

so long saratoga. until we meet again.

be safe. be happy. check here often and i will try to stay updated. leave comments if I become MIA in your life.

wish I didn’t have to leave this beautiful familiar life. but I have no choice and no profound words to part with so

so long for now…


i graduated
thank you to those who attended
and to those who have been my friends
hope you liked my speech
thank you for making my high school years so good to me

i will have more thoughts later, but i have to go to china and taiwan first. so pictures:

speech giving.

ms. hyde yeee


andrew and kevin. my hair sucks.

lisa chu




sue’s a beast

fan club

some browns

angela – the future of speech, today

nik and stephen


peter sclavos = engineering powerpoint master

fred ryan kevin me – since preschool


dora and lisa


sonnet will win a tony

alex block

more pictures here


i have enough pictures and words about this event to warrant a new post.

on june 10th, my acapella group performed in our first single-act concert.
this group was formed 20 months ago and it’s crazy to believe that we made it this far. this is one of the ballsiest things I have ever accomplished. thank you to all of those who came to watch. hopefully you’ll be able to see more of us in the future.

dora is nice

sweet dreams

jerry’s a beast

john looks concerned


pretty woman for steph



more pictures here

end of the year

this year has come to a close
no reflection yet, this will just be a picture post to sum up the past few weeks of endings.

last cys concert

senior awards night with mr. anderson

palo alto graduation. irene abnormal

palo alto graduation. irene normal

end of the year speech event with ms. hyde 🙂

chinese school graduating class…yay boutonnieres..

chinese school graduation with sonya

beach day…andrew with duck and disgustotron

waldo for senior panorama

more pictures here

senior prom

so we had prom
it was nice and very fun
it lasted a long time
we got trapped on the escalator because there was no room for people to get off. so we had to run down and die.

i got to go with this girl. i popped out of a box for her.

holding hands with henry and brad. a little too happy about this.

failed attempt to do something cool with our arms (my ‘p’ is backwards).


alex block

leslie, i, and ms. hyde

grace ko actually looking happy while in the vicinity of me.

more prom pictures HERE

my super sweet 18

yesterday was my birthday
today i was surprised by some lovely people. here’s what they look like

scott and henry

i love anthony chong

i got a hula hoop and a frog picnic basket. good useful stuff that i’m definitely bringing to college…
thanks to adorable and lisa and andrew (andrew basically did everything…)

anthony’s rap

Robomorph8: bring in test prep books tomorrow
D00FUSKID 2000: hahhaha
Robomorph8: don’t be lame
Robomorph8: join the game
D00FUSKID 2000: but test prep books are so fun
D00FUSKID 2000: plus i like to study.. right J-sun?
Robomorph8: oh shiat there you go
Robomorph8: always gots to be frontin my flow
D00FUSKID 2000: you’re not taking my books from me
D00FUSKID 2000: i’d rather have a bowl of kim-chee
Robomorph8: just bring in books do a good deed
Robomorph8: and then when you’re done you can ride a steed
D00FUSKID 2000: but i want to save my texts for posterity’s sake
D00FUSKID 2000: cuz its prep books that make my intelligence un-fake
Robomorph8: screw the kids help make some dough
Robomorph8: or else asb will end up po’
D00FUSKID 2000: or maybe i’ll start selling my books to undercut your business
D00FUSKID 2000: just like NaCl stops soda’s fizziness
D00FUSKID 2000: actually that’d be really awful to do
D00FUSKID 2000: but the “business rhyme” is pretty coo’
Robomorph8: well in the end it’s up to you
Robomorph8: but asb will love you if you choose
D00FUSKID 2000: i’ll keep that in mind
D00FUSKID 2000: when deciding whether or not to be kind
[lines removed]
Robomorph8: just trying to appeal to you appetite
Robomorph8: guess you’d rather like to have an apple slice
D00FUSKID 2000: <>
D00FUSKID 2000: // ive seen more bug free stuff coming from mice
Robomorph8: i liken my skills to those of a ghetto rapper
Robomorph8: so rhyming the vowels is all that i’m after
D00FUSKID 2000: you couldve at least passed it off as artistic flair
D00FUSKID 2000: instead of making it seem like you don’t care
Robomorph8: i just slant my rap with a gangsta lean
Robomorph8: to white people who listen being relaxed is keen
[lines removed]
D00FUSKID 2000: good to know we’re on the same page
D00FUSKID 2000: like a pair of happy bacteriophage(s)
Robomorph8: hold on a second i got to go pee
Robomorph8: peeing brings the joy that will set you free
D00FUSKID 2000: when you’re back, i think you might want to know
D00FUSKID 2000: i just got a new list from our friend zhou
D00FUSKID 2000: its interesting — surprise you this might:
D00FUSKID 2000: in the top 20, one girl’s WHITE!

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