Nike: Lots of Ads!

Nike’s been churning out the promotional materials these past two days. Some good, some interesting, some not so good. Guess Nike is still coasting on its advertising budget. Above is “Ankle Insurance” for Kobe’s new low-tops.

Nike GameChangers, the brand’s newest corporate responsibility effort, churned out a bunch of videos that you can see here, here, and here. But they probably won’t work a week from now.

Nike Latin America has a new futbol ad with a bit too much slapping and incoherence: Wake Up Call.

Don’t forget that little Nike subdivision, Air Jordan either. Click for the Air Jordan 2009 movie teaser.

Lastly, is this viral ad with Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen escaping paparazzi.

Help! I Can’t Stop Buying Stuff!

Very interesting article recommended to me by my good friend Grandmaster Lix. America’s Addiction and the New Economics of Strategy. We are addicted to consumption. Businesses are addicted to taking advantage of us. So what are we going to do? As my buddy Dong (he’s from North Korea) aptly stated during a discussion earlier “I’m going to mortgage my house to get my Gucci Bomb Shelter”. Sadly, I feel that I must do the same.

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